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EDC China Festival 2023

EDC China Festival 2023

02/10/2023 - 03/10/2023

The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) China Festival is a dynamic celebration of electronic dance music (EDM) and creative expression that brings the magic of EDC to the vibrant city of Shanghai. As part of the global EDC family, EDC China offers a unique experience for EDM enthusiasts and music lovers in Asia.

EDC China is a multi-day extravaganza that brings together a diverse community of music lovers and festival-goers. The festival boasts an impressive lineup of world-renowned DJs and artists, representing a wide spectrum of EDM genres. From pulsating beats to enchanting melodies, each stage is a portal to a world of sonic innovation and euphoria.

What sets EDC China apart is its commitment to creating an immersive and visually stunning environment. The Shanghai International Music Village transforms into a playground of art installations, illuminated displays, and breathtaking light shows that transport attendees into a realm of enchantment and wonder. Every corner becomes an opportunity for exploration and connection.

Beyond the music and visuals, EDC China embodies a spirit of unity and cultural exchange. Attendees from different backgrounds come together to celebrate music, dance, and shared experiences. The festival encourages self-expression and creativity, with attendees donning elaborate and imaginative outfits that contribute to the vibrant atmosphere.

EDC China also offers a range of activities and experiences that go beyond the stages. From interactive installations to carnival rides and themed areas, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and discover.

As part of the global EDC community, EDC China showcases the international appeal of EDM culture. It’s a place where music transcends language barriers, where artistic expression knows no boundaries, and where the energy of Shanghai fuses with the beats of EDM.

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