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Dreamstate Festival

Dreamstate Festival 2024

November 22 - November 23

Dreamstate Festival is a captivating and immersive journey into the world of trance music, designed to transport attendees to a realm of emotive melodies, uplifting beats, and transcendent experiences. With its focus on the trance genre, Dreamstate has emerged as a haven for trance aficionados seeking an escape into a sonic landscape like no other. Here’s a glimpse into what makes Dreamstate Festival so special:

Trance Odyssey: Dreamstate Festival is a celebration of trance music in all its forms. From progressive and uplifting trance to psytrance and beyond, the festival curates a lineup that showcases the diverse range of sounds within the genre.

Melodic Mastery: Known for its emphasis on melodious and emotional music, Dreamstate creates an environment where attendees can lose themselves in the enchanting melodies that define trance.

Queen Mary Waterfront: The festival’s venue at the Queen Mary Waterfront in Long Beach, California, provides a stunning backdrop for the event. Attendees can enjoy the music against the backdrop of the waterfront, creating a unique and enchanting atmosphere.

Top-Notch Artists: Dreamstate Festival attracts a lineup of some of the most revered trance artists from around the world. Attendees have the opportunity to witness performances from legendary trance DJs and producers who have shaped the genre.

Elevated Visuals: The festival combines its auditory magic with mesmerizing visuals and production. Elaborate stage designs, light shows, and visual effects enhance the music, creating a multi-sensory experience.

Trance Community: Dreamstate Festival is more than just an event; it’s a gathering of a passionate and dedicated community of trance enthusiasts. Attendees share a deep love for the genre and a connection that transcends borders.

Day and Night: The festival offers a full-spectrum experience, with performances that span from daytime to nighttime. Attendees can experience the evolution of sound as the sun sets and the stars emerge.

Unity in Diversity: Trance music attracts a diverse audience, and Dreamstate Festival reflects this inclusivity. It’s a space where people from different backgrounds come together to celebrate their shared love for music.

Euphoric Moments: Dreamstate Festival is known for its ability to create euphoric moments on the dance floor. The combination of the music, the crowd, and the atmosphere often leads to transcendent experiences that linger long after the festival ends.

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November 22
November 23
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Queen Mary Waterfront
Long Beach, CA United States + Google Map


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