The Best Live Sets of 2020

by DeepRhythm
2020 was a difficult year for the whole world, many places and businesses closed, festivals were postponed and canceled, and many people were stuck at home almost all year, but the DJs did not leave us bored and most of them opened live and broadcast to us the music we all love, here are some we really liked:

David Guetta | United at Home

David Guetta with a special fundraising show for needy people during the Corona era from New York City

Armin van Buuren AMF 2020

Armin van Buuren with a special set from the AMF stage in honor of the selection of the 100 DJs of the year by Dj Mag magazine

Nicky Romero: Another World

Nicki Romero with Virtual Liveshow to bring back the energy and experience from the festivals and clubs.

Martin Garrix Live

Martin Garrix in a special set from the roof of his house in Amsterdam


KSHMR live on Spinnin Records

Lost Frequencies

Lost Frequencies in a special broadcast in honor of the grand opening of the virtual tour of the Royal Palace

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