This is what you didnt know about Tiesto

by DeepRhythm
Tiesto has been a part of the music industry for many years now, some fans know him since the beginning, although to most of us he became apperent through his hits. But how much do you really know about him? Here are some facts you probably did not know about Tiesto:

He had other stage names besides Tiesto

In the beginning, Tiesto used other names like “Da Joker” “DJ Limited” “Paradise” and more. He produced in a variety of music styles like hardcore techno, new beat, and others.

Tiesto has his own record company

After many years of signing with a record company, Tiesto set up his own record company. His record label is called “Musical Freedom”, only tracks that are particularly different from what exists in the industry have a great chance of being part of the label

If he was not a DJ he would probably be a chef

Apparently if Tiesto was not a DJ he would make a living from being a chef, before Tiesto started his DJ career he did not really notice that it was possible to make a living from it, Tiesto said he really likes to cook and that if he was not a DJ he would choose to be a chef

Tiesto prefers to create music with new artists

For Tiesto it does not really matter if you are famous or not, Tiesto said that he prefers to work with new talents rather than artists with big names, most of Tiesto’s songs and hits are from his collaboration with unfamiliar names, for Tiesto, talent is more important than having a big name.

Tiesto has his own special shoes

Tiesto had his own “Reebok Sneakers” shoes, the shoes were available for purchase for a limited time and the shoes had his name with special a artwork and fine details

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