Swedish House Mafia leave Columbia Records label

by DeepRhythm
Most of us are familiar with the legendary group “Swedish House Mafia” that responsible for the biggest hits in the Electronic dance music industry, in February 2019 they signed a deal worth 3 million dollar with a record company.
According to Billboard the trio have severed ties with the new Patriot management and are officially parting ways with their longtime record label Columbia Record.
As you may recall the group split up in 2013 after the last tour they had.The group reunited for a show in the 2018 edition of the “Ultra Music Festival” and then only news and headlines remained that made fans think of a potential comeback.
Ultra Festival Miami 2018 Wallpaper
But you can probably relax that if things happen with the legendary trio it means that probably new music is on the way and all we have left is to wait.

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