Oliver Heldens: Steering the Exhilarating Journey of Future House

by DeepRhythm

Oliver Heldens: Steering the Exhilarating Journey of Future House

A musical prodigy from the quaint city of Rotterdam, Netherlands, Oliver Heldens has become an emblem of innovation and unyielding dedication in the global Electronic Dance Music (EDM) landscape. This article recounts the riveting journey of Heldens, the poster-child of Future House, and how his sonic imprint continues to reverberate in the industry.
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The Genesis of a Music Prodigy

Born in 1995, Oliver Heldens was destined to grace the electronic music scene with his profound musical talents. His family home echoed with a diverse range of music genres, inciting an insatiable curiosity that inevitably led him to FL Studio, a digital audio workstation. At the tender age of 12, he started his foray into music production, laying the groundwork for what would become a luminous career in EDM.

From Bedroom Producer to Global Sensation

Heldens’ life took a turn in 2013 when his track “Gecko” caught the ear of Tiësto, a fellow Dutch DJ and a prominent figure in the EDM scene. Released under Tiësto’s label, Musical Freedom, “Gecko” became an instant hit, topping the charts in both Belgium and the UK, and received gold certifications in Canada and the Netherlands. Heldens’ unique fusion of deep and progressive house was a breath of fresh air that fascinated and invigorated the EDM community.

Future House: Crafting a New Musical Language

Future House was an undefined entity in the vast ocean of electronic music genres until Heldens came into the picture. “Gecko” was not just a track; it was the advent of a new sound, a new era, encapsulating a distinct blend of deep house, EDM, and UK garage elements. His later tracks, “Koala” and “Last All Night,” echoed this distinctive style, solidifying Future House as a recognized genre within the EDM universe.

Invention of Hi-Lo and Heldeep Records: The Unstoppable Force

In 2015, Heldens broadened his musical horizons and revealed his alias Hi-Lo. With Hi-Lo, he ventured into a grittier, bass-intensive realm of house music, demonstrating his versatility and creativity. The same year marked the birth of Heldeep Records, Heldens’ brainchild, designed to unearth and promote budding talents while propelling his musical ventures. His diverse releases under the label further sculpted the Future House soundscape.

Reshaping the EDM Scene

The indelible impact of Heldens’ music is evident in the evolving EDM scene. His groundbreaking sound and production techniques have inspired a new generation of DJs and producers, fostering growth within the Future House genre. His electrifying performances at iconic music festivals, including Tomorrowland and Ultra, have won over millions, cementing his status as a visionary and crowd-favorite.

Evolving with Time

Continually pushing boundaries, Heldens has been reinventing his sound, exploring new rhythmic landscapes, and exciting fans with every release. Recent collaborations with other renowned artists spotlight his adaptive nature and relentless pursuit of musical growth. As we anticipate what’s next from Heldens, it’s evident that he will remain a driving force in the Future House genre.


From humble beginnings in Rotterdam to reshaping the global EDM scene, Oliver Heldens’ story is one of passion, innovation, and an enduring love for music. As a pioneer of Future House, his distinctive sound has forever altered the genre, influencing other artists and exciting fans around the world. As Heldens evolves, one truth remains clear: his music will continue to inspire, innovate, and thrill audiences worldwide.
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The Hi-Lo Adventure

Heldens’ creative adventure as Hi-Lo is worth delving into. With this alias, he boldly explored the deeper, murkier waters of electronic music, demonstrating his versatile artistry. Hi-Lo came to life with the release of “Crank It Up” in 2015. The track was a hard-hitting, bass-heavy masterpiece, significantly different from the lighter, melodic tunes Heldens had been known for.
The Hi-Lo project didn’t just serve as an outlet for Heldens’ darker, more bass-focused tracks; it also gave him the freedom to experiment with a variety of musical styles without confining himself to a particular sound. As Hi-Lo, Heldens released a series of successful tracks such as “Renegade Mastah,” “Ooh La La,” and “Poseidon,” each contributing to his sonic diversity.

Heldeep Records: Shaping the Future House Landscape

Heldeep Records, which Heldens established in 2015, has played a pivotal role in shaping the Future House genre. The label has served as a launching pad for many emerging artists, helping to diversify and enrich the EDM scene. Since its inception, Heldeep Records has been home to numerous successful releases from both new and established artists, each embodying the unique, innovative spirit that Heldens himself champions. Not only has Heldeep Records helped to promote Future House, but it’s also been instrumental in pushing the boundaries of the genre. With releases spanning a range of styles—from deep house to electro house—the label has played a significant role in defining what Future House is and could be.

A Never-Ending Journey

Oliver Heldens’ journey is far from over. He continues to produce innovative music that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible within the genre. His most recent collaborations have showcased his evolving sound, merging his iconic Future House style with influences from other EDM subgenres. Heldens also continues to perform at major music festivals worldwide, captivating audiences with his energetic sets. Whether it’s the main stage of Tomorrowland or a more intimate club setting, Heldens’ performances never fail to ignite the crowd.

Legacy and Impact

Oliver Heldens’ contribution to the EDM world is nothing short of remarkable. His unique sound and innovative approach have undeniably influenced the Future House genre, shaping it into what it is today. Beyond that, his influence extends to the broader EDM scene, inspiring countless producers and DJs worldwide.
Oliver Heldens’ narrative is more than just the story of a talented DJ and producer. It’s a tale of musical evolution, persistent innovation, and unyielding passion for the craft. From his early beginnings in the Dutch city of Rotterdam to becoming a beacon of the global EDM scene, Heldens has proven that with talent, determination, and a pioneering spirit, anything is possible.

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