Site Rules

Dear Users,

These are the rules of the site that apply to everything on the site and users (Chat,Comments,Personal Profile,etc.). The rules must be followed, Users must read the rules before using the site or creating an account.


Do not curse or insult the site team or the users of the site.


Do not use a pornographic profile photos or publish content related to : harassing, bullying , or hateful content.


Do not post a spam comments.
Spam: a contentless or meaningless response or unrelated to the topic of the article.


Do not publish a content that includes personal gain in any way.


Do not post content from other sites or links that are not related to the site.


Do not infringe copyright in any way or publish illegal content.


Do not publish other sites on the site.


Do not publish content that can be download throughout the site in any way.


Defamation or slander should not be published against a company as part of your use of the site


Do not post social media groups (Facebook,instagram,twitter,Whatsapp,etc.)


Do not troll the Technical support in the Technical support chat.

*The site system is authorized to change these rules at any time, without having to notify the change, any changes in the rules will require users to follow from the moment it is posted on the site* 

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