Revolutionizing TV: The Emergence of EDM Soundtracks in Popular Series

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Revolutionizing TV: The Emergence of EDM Soundtracks in Popular Series

In the world of music, few genres have seen a meteoric rise quite like Electronic Dance Music (EDM). From club anthems to chart-toppers, EDM has become a defining genre of the 21st century. One of the more unexpected arenas in which it’s made its mark is television series soundtracks. Here, we’ll explore how EDM has transformed the soundscape of television.

Revolutionizing TV: The Emergence of EDM Soundtracks in Popular Series

Early Days: Television Soundtracks and the Emergence of EDM

A rewind to the 90s and early 2000s reveals a very different sonic landscape for television series, one largely dominated by pop, rock, and classical music. However, with the explosion of digital streaming platforms and the growing popularity of EDM, there has been a seismic shift in the nature of television soundtracks.

In the late 2000s, as EDM artists started to gain more mainstream acceptance, television show creators saw the potential of this genre. They recognized how its energy, rhythm, and contemporary appeal could enhance their narratives, set the mood, and deeply engage audiences.

EDM’s Influence on Different TV Genres

TV series like “Mr. Robot,” a techno-thriller, were among the early adopters of EDM in their soundtracks. Its use of electronic music complemented the dark, dystopian world that the series portrayed. EDM not only added to the intensity of the scenes but also helped accentuate the series’ themes of hacking and digital disillusionment.

Reality shows have also capitalized on the energy of EDM. Shows like “Love Island” and “The Real World” have used its rhythm and dynamism to drive the pace of their sequences and set the atmosphere.

A Spectrum of Sound: The Diversity of EDM

What makes EDM a versatile choice for television soundtracks is its diverse range of sub-genres. The intensity of dubstep can underscore a high-stakes scene, while the soothing rhythms of deep house can complement a quieter, introspective moment.
Revolutionizing TV: The Emergence of EDM Soundtracks in Popular Series
Moreover, EDM’s signature structure, the buildup-drop, is an effective narrative tool. This rhythm can mirror the emotional ebb and flow within a storyline, intensifying plot twists and cliffhangers. The influence of EDM is not limited to adult-oriented series; it has found its place in animation too. “Rick and Morty,” for instance, has successfully incorporated EDM tracks into its chaotic and hilarious narrative.

The Symbiotic Relationship of EDM and Television

EDM’s prevalence in television soundtracks is not just beneficial for the shows; it also helps support the music industry. Especially for emerging EDM artists, having their tracks featured on television provides exposure and recognition, fostering a symbiotic relationship between the two industries.
The ever-evolving world of television series soundtracks has seen countless changes, but few as impactful as the incorporation of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). From its humble beginnings in the underground club scene, EDM has skyrocketed in popularity over the past two decades, leaving its mark on the mainstream music landscape, including television series soundtracks.

Emergence and Adoption of EDM in Television Soundtracks

When looking back at television series in the 90s and early 2000s, the soundscape was heavily dominated by pop, rock, and classical music. However, as EDM started gaining mainstream popularity towards the late 2000s, a seismic shift began to occur in the auditory sphere of television. Alongside this, the boom of digital streaming platforms provided a platform for this shift, allowing the experimentation of modern and bold soundtracks.
Television series such as the techno-thriller “Mr. Robot” quickly understood the potential of this genre. They utilized EDM to its fullest, realizing how its contemporary, rhythmic energy could augment their narrative, establish the atmosphere, and engage audiences on a profound level. This series, in particular, used electronic music to complement its dark, dystopian world, adding intensity to the scenes and underlining the themes of hacking and digital disillusionment.

From Reality TV to Animated Series: EDM’s Broad Impact

It wasn’t just dramatic series that saw the value in EDM. Reality shows, known for their fast pace and quick cuts, found that the energy and dynamism of EDM were perfect for driving their sequences. Shows like “Love Island” and “The Real World” started integrating electronic beats into their soundtracks, which heightened the atmosphere and made the viewing experience more engaging.
In addition to live-action series, EDM has also been integrated into the world of animation. The animated series “Rick and Morty,” for example, effectively leverages EDM tracks to add an extra layer of chaos and humor to its narrative.
Revolutionizing TV: The Emergence of EDM Soundtracks in Popular Series

EDM’s Diverse Sub-genres and their Narrative Utility

One of the factors that make EDM a versatile choice for television soundtracks is its variety of sub-genres. Depending on the mood or theme of the scene, different sub-genres can be employed. The intensity and grating sounds of dubstep, for example, can underscore a scene of high stakes or conflict. On the other hand, the soothing, rhythmic patterns of deep house can provide a gentle backdrop for more introspective or tranquil moments.
The structure of EDM, particularly its characteristic buildup-drop, can act as an effective narrative tool in television. This rhythm can parallel the emotional ebb and flow within a storyline, heightening suspense, emphasizing plot twists, and punctuating cliffhangers. It’s this manipulation of emotional response that makes EDM a potent tool in the hands of television producers.

EDM’s Role in Global Engagement and Industry Support

The global popularity of EDM makes it an effective tool for attracting and retaining a diverse viewership. Its energetic beats and universal appeal break down cultural barriers, making it an effective means of increasing global engagement.
The integration of EDM into television series soundtracks is not just beneficial for viewer engagement. It also provides significant support to the music industry, especially for emerging EDM artists. Being featured in a popular television series can provide these artists with much-needed exposure and recognition, and in turn, their music helps enhance the series. This symbiotic relationship nurtures both the television and music industry, fostering a space for creativity and growth.

The Pervasive Influence of EDM

EDM’s influence on television series soundtracks has been both transformative and pervasive. It has reshaped the sonic spectrum of TV shows, infusing them with a contemporary, energetic vibe that resonates with modern audiences. As EDM continues to evolve, we can expect its influence on television series soundtracks to expand even further. This fascinating intersection of music and visual storytelling offers a dynamic space for creativity, bringing narratives to life in an impactful way. The energetic pulse of EDM has become a crucial part of the television viewing experience, ensuring that its influence will continue to be felt for years to come.

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