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Electric Forest Festival

Electric Forest Festival 2024

June 20 - June 23

Electric Forest Festival is a captivating and immersive experience that takes attendees on a journey through a mystical and enchanting world of music, art, and nature. Held in the picturesque setting of the Double JJ Resort in Rothbury, Michigan, the festival stands as a unique fusion of music, community, and creativity. Here’s a glimpse into the magic of Electric Forest Festival:

Enchanted Wonderland: Electric Forest transforms the forested landscape of the Double JJ Resort into a whimsical wonderland filled with vibrant lights, mesmerizing art installations, and stages that seem to emerge from the natural surroundings.

Diverse Musical Journey: The festival celebrates an array of musical genres, including electronic dance music (EDM), jam bands, funk, and more. From mainstage headliners to intimate stages tucked within the trees, the lineup caters to an eclectic range of musical tastes.

Stunning Visuals: Electric Forest is renowned for its breathtaking visuals that intertwine with the natural beauty of the surroundings. Elaborate light displays, intricate stage designs, and immersive art installations create an otherworldly atmosphere.

Cultural Exchange: Attendees from different corners of the world gather at Electric Forest, creating a melting pot of cultures, languages, and backgrounds. It’s a space where connections are formed, friendships are forged, and people come together to celebrate life.

Community Spirit: The festival fosters a sense of unity and togetherness among attendees. The Electric Forest community is known for its welcoming and positive vibes, creating an environment where everyone can be themselves and express their individuality.

Workshops and Activities: Beyond the music, Electric Forest offers a wide array of workshops, yoga sessions, art installations, and interactive activities. Attendees can immerse themselves in creative pursuits and engage with fellow festival-goers.

Day and Night Experience: The festival comes alive both during the day and under the starry night sky. Attendees can revel in the energy of daytime performances and dance through the night to the beats of world-class artists.

Mind-Expanding Art: Electric Forest showcases an array of visual and interactive art installations that challenge perspectives and ignite the imagination. Artistic expression is woven into every corner of the festival grounds.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives: The festival embraces eco-conscious practices and sustainability efforts, encouraging attendees to minimize their environmental impact and respect the natural environment.

Transformative Experience: Electric Forest is more than a music festival; it’s a transformative experience that lingers long after the last notes fade. It’s a celebration of music’s power to bring people together, ignite creativity, and create memories that span a lifetime.

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June 20
June 23
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Double JJ Resort
Rothbury, MI United States + Google Map


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