According to a new survey COVID-19 caused many DJs to leave the music industry

by DeepRhythm
The current Corona situation we are in is not new to anyone, even though a vaccine has been released for COVID-19 the world is still dealing with new Problems that we did not know before the pandemic.
Almost all of us did not visit festivals like we were used to since most festivals were canceled due to the pandemic. Many DJs had a hard time dealing with the situation, but most of them had to change direction in their career path to get through these hard times.
Ultra Festival Miami 2017 Wallpaper
70% of UK DJs were left with no choice but to leave the music industry and integrate into other industries.
According to the survey, most of those who responded to the survey said, that because of what is happening with the existing pandemic, they realized they have little to no chance of staying in the industry and decided to leave.

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