Will LEGO educate your kids to be DJs?

An exciting and inspiring collaboration was signed between one of the world’s most famous record labels and the legendary colored brick maker. So why is everyone talking about it and how is it going to affect the future?

The culture world as a whole and the electronic music scene in particular had two bumps in the front line when the Corona pandemic emerged.

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Now that countless young talented artists are in a scene that seems to have been borrowed from a fiction movie, and the career they dreamed is about two of the world’s biggest companies are about to embark on a revolutionary and sweet collaboration that will make our musical future all the more rosy.

“Blending music and Lego’s game systems will provide children with a whole new way to express themselves creatively by bringing music to their lives, to their unique world, in their own way.”
Claimed a senior from Lego. At this moment, the product line has not yet been published or even its characteristics, but it is known that it is going to make significant progress towards the markets in 2021. If we are allowed to fantasize, this is probably going to be one of the human answers given the extent of the damage done to the industry in 2020.
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