This Brilliant App Will Recognize A Song By Hum

If we assume that anyone who reads this article is an avid music lover, you can probably identify with the following case –
You are at a party / festival and hear an amazing track! But you forget to use Shazam or there is no battery on the phone and the song doesn’t even have words to look for afterwards. And here’s the day after you just remember the tune and don’t know anything, but you have to find this track! So friends, especially for such cases, check out the app that will most likely find you the lost track  – Soundhound.

While we all know and love the good old Shazam app (which by the way belongs to Apple), Soundhound does a similar act only that it can recognize (most of the time) the song solely by its hum. Another interesting feature of the app is displaying lyrics to the song you were looking for, Search songs using the words and even karaoke. You can connect the app to your Spotify account and create a new playlist as well as playing the songs on YouTube.

Another great feature of the app allows you to activate the device by speaking only, using the words Hey Soundhound and then the command – for example, “what is this song”,Show me the lyrics to sing”, etc., as of today the app supports dozens of languages and you can download it for Android and Apple devices.


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