Steve Aoki in a new Tic Tac commercial

Producer Steve Aoki is probably one of the busiest people in the music industry. He created his label ‘Dim Mak’ when he was only 19, was nominated for the Grammy Award, directed and starred in more than 100 clips, wrote a memoir about his life, and helped to write and release a comic book series. And now he’s also adding the title of Tic Tac creative director to his impressive resume.

“It’s crazy that a brand you grew up with knows who you are and is excited to work with you,” says Aoki.  “When we first met to plan this project together, I wanted to be more involved.” The Tic Tac X-Freeze is designed to provide a more powerful feeling to the customer than the usual lollipop, the brand that has been established over 50 years ago, needed a strong/ crazy representative to keep its spirit of youth, and who would be more suitable for this job than the man who throws cakes in the crowd – Steve Aoki. 

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“This whole campaign is based on intense energy,” he states. “I live at a really fast pace. Life can be blurry so it is important that I get this powerful image before jumping off a cliff in Ibiza, diving in Corsica or skydiving in Dubai, and all the things that make my career. All the amazing fans, the performances, the energy and the stories. The only way I can really see these things is when I conclude for a web series or campaign like this. “

Aoki is very comfortable with the place of a creative director when it comes to his label. He has always been responsible for the video clips, but he never played that role in cooperation with a promotional brand. In the current Tic Tac campaign, Steve took the reins and designed the scenes, directed them and also starred in them. In addition, he edited and selected the best photographs from his personal life and captured the angles that show a life on the edge as he experienced it.

But don’t think Steve forgot about his musical career that we love so much, he just released his new single ‘Maldad’ along with singer Maluma . The video has already generated over 2 million views on YouTube and is also part of his fourth album – ‘Neon Future IV’ which is due to be released this March. Aoki claims it is his busiest album, “It’s like two and a half albums”.

Watch the advertisement and a short interview with the star:


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