Is Tomorrowland Belgium in danger of being canceled?

The Corona virus never ceases to hit the music industry. After loads of canceled or rejected festivals and events, they include Ultra Miami, Coachella, Don’t Let Daddy Know in Spain, Ultra Abu Dhabi, Time Warp in Germany, Tomorrowland Winter, the Techno Club Berghain Berlin and hundreds of other events. Is one of the world’s leading festivals – Tomorrowland Belgium – about to be canceled?

In a particularly drastic move, the Belgian government announced that it is taking another step in the global war against the spreading corona virus. Authorities have announced that all schools, leisure and sporting events, restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs will be closed down.

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Despite the fact that the festival is set for the end of July, more than four months from now, it is difficult to predict how the virus will affect the global, local economy and whether the authorities will be able to deal with it in this short period of time.
Djs and producers around the world are announcing their concern about the entire music industry that is suffering heavy damage, which is probably the most powerful hit ever. Therefore, it is very important that we all take the necessary precautions to prevent the virus from spreading and protect ourselves and the most vulnerable populations.

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