General Questions

General Questions

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Joining The Site Team Is Not Possible At This Time.

If You Think You Can Contribute To The Site, Please Contact Us.


If You Have An Original And Innovative Idea That You Want To Offer To The Site Staff, You Are Welcome To Contact Us On The Contact Us Page.

Business Advertising And The Use Of Banner Advertising On Our Website Is Subject To A Fee. To Find Out More, Please Contact One Of Our Staff Members Or Contact Us On The Contact Us Page.

Unfortunately, We Cannot Put The Songs Of Our Users On The Weekly Chart, Because There Is Not Yet A Category On The Site That Allows It.

Weekly Chart – Is A List Of Songs That Our System Finds The New Songs Published And Succeeded In Several Festivals Around The World (Such As Tomorrowland, Umf, Edc, Etc.) And On The Social Media Networks During The Week And Make The Top 5 Of It.

The Help We Offer To New Artists Is Absolutely Free.

For More Information Please Contact Us.

If You Would Like To Contact Us About Promoting Your Song, Please Contact Us On The Contact Us Page.

The Site Team Is Always Happy And Curious To Get New Ideas From Site Visitors.

If You Have Any New Ideas To Offer For The Site, Please Suggest It On The Contact Us Page.

The Content Of The Site Is Copyrighted, And A Person Or Site That Infringes The Copyright Is Likely To Receive A Claim And Bear The Consequences.

If You Would Like To Report A Person Who Infringes The Copyright, Please Contact Us At Our Technical Support Chat Or Contact Us Page.

When You Submit A Song For Promotion, The Site Team Examines The Song In Depth Which Checks Whether The Copyright Of The Song Is Yours.

In Order To Get Permission To Promote Your Song, You Will Need To Pass Several Stations, Confirming That You Own The Copyright, And In The End You Will Need To Authorize The Site Staff To Use The Song. (For The Purpose Of Promoting And Playing On The Radio)

In Order To Offer Your Song For Promotion Please Contact Us.

Unfortunately, Our Website Does Not Provide Tickets To Festivals In The World Right Now.

If You Wish To Purchase Tickets For Festivals, You Will Need To Purchase Them Through The Official Websites Of Those Festivals.

We upload every Thursday of the week and sometimes we delay it to Friday 

If Your TOP 5 is not working, you might want to check your internet connection, since it may be the problem and if the problem persists please contact the Technical Support.

We try to upload as many news as We can but there are no new news at this time.

yes, but for now We are only focusing on Tomorrowland, UMF, UNTOLD

We upload quotes on Sunday and Tuesday.